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Upcoming Workshops and Presentations    

Marriage Enrichment Series: Click here to download a poster of this workshop series

Date Time Location Topic
Monday, March 6, 2017 7:00-8:30pm Queen of Peace Church, Salem

Getting Back to the Basics - Love means having to say you’re sorry! Responsibility and reconciliation in marriage! Click here to register on-line.

Monday, April 3, 2017 7:00-8:30pm Queen of Peace Church, Salem

Getting Back to the Basics - Love is a verb! Honoring our commitment! Home is where the heart is! Click here to register on-line.

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Workshop Offerings

Presentations can be modified around these and other  topics. Let's talk about how I can best meet your needs.

FOR COUPLES______________________________

 Improving Communication

Listening & Expressing Feelings

Solving Problems & Resolving Conflict

Encouraging, Supporting and Validating

What We Bring from Our Families-Of-Origin

Understanding Ourselves & Appreciating Our Partner

Honoring Our Differences

Marriage Preparation

Marriage Enrichment

Assumptions & Expectations

Love, Sex, & Intimacy

Enhancing Intimacy

Setting Goals

Myths, Magic, & Meaning of Marriage

 FOR PARENTS____________________________

 Effective Parenting of Children

Understanding Behavior and Misbehavior

Understanding Your Child and Yourself

Building Your Child's Self-Esteem

 Communicating With Your Child

 Discipline that Develops Self-Responsibility

Stress: Coping with Changes and Challenges

Families Talking About Sexuality (For Parents and Children Ages 10-13)

For Parents Only

How to Talk About Sex (Even If You Feel Uncomfortable)


Body Changes and Reproduction
How to Cope With All the Changes

Information and Values

Myths and Facts About Sexuality
Teen Sexual Behavior: What's Right for Your Family?

Decisions and Communication

Peer Pressure

 Parenting Young Adolescents (Middle School Ages)

Traits of Today's Young Adolescents

The Developmental Needs of Young Adolescents

Responding to Disturbing Behavior

Nurturing the Faith of Young Adolescents

Basic Skills for Parenting Young Adolescents

Establishing Rules and Limits

Effective Parenting of Teens

Understanding Your Teenager

Emotions: A Source of Support or Frustration?

Building Your Teen's Self-Esteem


The Development of Responsibility

Discipline: Selecting the Appropriate Approach

The Challenge of Alcohol and Other Drugs

Parenting and Teen Sexuality

Your Teenager's Friends and Peer Pressure

 Strengthening Stepfamilies

Understanding the Pitfalls and Potential of Stepfamilies

Strengthening the Couple Relationship

Creating Effective Roles and Relationships

The Stepchild's Dilemmas

The Stepfamily's Journey

FOR YOUTH______________________________



The Impact of Culture on Development


Interpersonal Communication

Parent-Teen Communication


Sexuality and Dating

Love, Sexuality, and Intimacy

Adolescent Suicide

Peer Ministry Training

OTHER IDEAS____________________________

 Managing Stress

The Grief Process

Being a Male, Being a Father

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