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For Pastors, Ministers, and Couples Preparing for Marriage,

As the community’s pastors and ministers consider common guidelines and expectations for the adequate preparation and support of couples preparing for marriage, please allow me to share how I am able to play a supportive role towards these goals. As a marriage and family therapist I share your concern and have the skills to assist you, and couples preparing for marriage.

I can assist you in the following ways:

  • Facilitating workshops for your marriage preparation team; exploring essential components to marriage preparation programs, communication skills, common relationship problems, and ways of implementing solutions.

  • Administering and evaluating couple relational inventories (FOCCUS, The Keirsey Temperament Sorter, etc.).

  • Pre-marital counseling sessions for a couple, or group of couples, that might not fit well into your regular preparation program, or those needing special time and attention.

  • On-going counseling, or enrichment, for those couples desiring to continue working on their relationship in a more intentional or conscious way.

Of course my services are also available to couples already married and experiencing problems, or simply desiring to increase their intimacy with each other.

I have made arrangements, in the past, with pastors and churches who have wanted to provide a portion of the counseling fee for people they have referred. A sliding fee, based on household income and number of people in the household, is available, and my services are covered by many insurance policies.

If I can be of any help in your ministry to couples, marriages, or families, please contact me at 503-375-6362. I would be happy to send brochures or cards for your personal or office needs.

Martin J. Gay, MS, LPC, NCC
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